The JavaFX Weekly Dazzle – 2019-09-02

This is the weekly roundup of all the news, articles, links and activities in JavaFX world.

  • Pedro Duque Vieira has blogged about an update to his excellent JMetro library, now with JavaFX 11 compatibility:
  • The ever-present Dirk Lemmermann (@dlemmermann) posted several tweets about his “vertical timeline TableView thingy” including which looks great.
  • Tom Schindl (@tomsontom) tweeted about the exciting project DriftFX which adds native rendering to JavaFX
  • Gluon posted about supporting Java/JavaFX on iOS and Android and highlights all the amazing work they have done to make this a reality:
  • Frank Delporte (@FrankDelporte) has posted part 4 on his helpful series of posts on JavaFX running on Raspberry Pi:
  • Amanda Hinchman (@mvndy) has tweeted about ReactiveFX:
  • jaxenter has posted its Weekly Roundup with articles on Microsoft investing in AdoptOpenJDK and the move of OpenJFX to GitHub among others:
  • jaxenter also posted an article focusing specifically on the migration of OpenJFX to GitHub:

As will always be the case, if I overlooked anyone’s tweets or posts then please use the Contact page to let me know and I’ll be sure to include them in next week’s blog.


John-Val Rose (@Rosethornian)



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