The JavaFX Weekly Dazzle – 2019-09-16

This is the weekly roundup of all the news, articles, links and activities in JavaFX world. On this occasion it is a “fortnightly roundup” as I was unavailable to produce last week’s post so it’s twice the dazzle!

Did I hear someone say JavaFX is dead (again)?  Just look at the hive of activity here:

  • This period was highlighted by the release of JavaFX 13 with several posts about this new version (it was a “lucky” day for Java with the simultaneous release of JakartaEE 8).  This is a big effort and kudos to Gluon & everyone else involved in creating it.  This is a major release with the most significant new feature being native rendering support which opens-up all kinds of interesting possibilities.  The release notes can be found here.
  • InfoWorld posted an article about this release and its new features.
  • JAXenter (@JAXenterCOM) posted an interview with Johan Vos (@johanvos) about this exciting new release and another one with Dirk Lemmermann (@dlemmermann) along with one about the release in general.
  • I want to make special mention of Adam McQuistan (@adamjmcquistan) who has been very busy with his new “The Coding Interface” blog (@CodingInterface) and posted several tweets & articles about JavaFX.  Personally, I found his 3-part tutorial on using JavaFX with Gradle, Eclipse, Scene Builder & OpenJDK 11 very helpful (the 3rd post is here and includes links to the previous two).  He also posted about using JavaFX ChoiceBox & ComboBox controls here, RESTful Consumption using the Java 11+ HTTP Client API and Gson including a JavaFX example here, How To Implement JavaFX Scene Transition Animations here, and used a JavaFX example in his post about sorting in Java.  Keep up the prodigious output Adam!
  • Sean Philips (@SeanMiPhilips) tweeted about the LitFX project which adds lightning and other animated light/particle effects to JavaFX.
  • KitPloit (@KitPloit) posted about the impressive looking “Constellation – A Graph-Focused Data Visualisation And Interactive Analysis Application” that uses JavaFX here.
  • Frank Delporte (@FrankDelporte) has updated post 2 of his helpful series of posts on JavaFX running on Raspberry Pi.
  • Matthew Gilliard (@MaximumGilliard) has posted an introduction to JavaFX.
  • Karakun AG (@karakun) announced the 2nd meeting of the JavaFX Adopters (with all the big players there) to be held in Munich.
  • Sayeem Abdullah (@_SayeemAbdullah) announced his database software Bracu Connect which uses JavaFX.
  • Dirk Lemmermann (@dlemmermann) tweeted about his JavaFX offerings at this year’s Oracle Code One conference.
  • The “force-full” Gerrit Grunwald (@_hansolo) announced the latest release of his excellent TilesFX project.
  • JPro (@jpro_one) announced the release of the web-based JPro 2019.1.2 here.
  • Bezva App (@bezvaapp) announced a simple JavaFX desktop environment JFXDE.
  • BellSoft (@bellsoftware) announced an update to their JavaFX media library Liberica for OpenJFX 13.
  • Philipp Hanslovsky (@hanslovsky) announced a new release of Paintera.
  • Lime has released a new version of their Lime Trading Portal built with JavaFX.

As will always be the case, if I overlooked anyone’s tweets or posts or there’s anything else you think should be included here then please use the Contact page to let me know and I’ll be sure to include them in next week’s blog.


John-Val Rose (@Rosethornian)

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