The JavaFX Weekly Dazzle – 2019-10-07

This is the weekly roundup of all the news, articles, links and activities in JavaFX world. On this occasion it is a “tri-weekly roundup” as I was unavailable to produce the last 2 week’s posts so it’s thrice the dazzle!

Once again there has been a high level of JavaFX related content:

  • The big event during this time was Oracle’s Code One conference where lots of juicy JavaFX content was presented.  The sessions included “JavaFX Tips and Tricks: Reloaded [DEV1394]” with Dirk Lemmermann (@dlemmermann), “JavaFX 12 and Beyond [DEV4112]” with Kevin Rushforth (@kevinrushforth), “JavaFX Real-World Applications [DEV1397]” with Dirk and Gerrit Grunwald (@hansolo_), “Rapid Prototyping with JavaFX [DEV4301]” with Jens Ehrke, “JavaFX and the Java Client [MTE6762]” with Kevin and Phil Race, “Building Synet: Using JavaFX and Spring Boot for Autonomous Quadcopters [DEV4291]” with Bob Larsen, William Lindner & Adam Cobb, “Building a Source Code Text Editor in JavaFX [DEV3745]” with Michael Kölling and Neil Brown, “JavaFX 11 on Mobile, Leveraging GraalVM [DEV3646]” with Jose Pereda (@JPeredaDnr), “Java Clients and JavaFX: The Definitive Guide [DEV4857]” with Jose and Stephen Chin (@steveonjava), “Rich Client Java: Still Going Strong! [DEV2513]” with Sven Reimers (@SvenNB), Gerrit & Bruno Borges (@brunoborges), “Not Dead Yet: Java on the Desktop [DEV1126]” with Gerrit and “Cross-Platform Development with GraalVM [DEV3907]” with Tim Felgentreff (@timfelgentreff).  That’s a significant amount of JavaFX content proving once again how vibrant the technology, community and ecosystem are.
  • Michael Paus (@MichaelPaus) in his own words “uploaded two examples where I show two use-cases for the new JavaFX WritableImage with direct buffer support. The first demo makes the well known VLC media player directly usable inside JavaFX and the other demo wraps a BufferedImage so that you can directly render into its graphics context and use it as an Image in JavaFX. (Note: The first demo does not seem to work on Windows at the moment due to some internal VLC specific problems.)”. The link is here.
  • JAXenter (@JAXenterCOM) posted an article titled “Weekly Review: PHP in decline, JavaFX 13 & Jakarta EE 8” which discussed the release of JavaFX 13.
  • Gerrit Grunwald (@hansolo_) posted another article about his great TilesFX library, this time focusing on custom skins and also releasing a number of new versions.
  • Sean Phillips (SeanMiPhillips) and Carl Dea (@carldea) tweeted about a project to produce high performance pixel based fire and flames effects in JavaFX.
  • MyJava (@MyJavain) tweeted about an awesome project by Mirko Sertic (@mirkosertic) named GameComposer with a GitHub repository and a website.
  • bezvaap (@bezvaap) posted a video about changing the JavaFX theme by setting just one colour in CSS.
  • BellSoft (@bellsoftware) posted an article titled “Oracle Code One 2019: Side Notes” which mentions their Liberica library and its use by the team at Robo4J.
  • Off Heap (@OffHeap) posted Episode 47 which looks at Microsoft acquiring JClarity and the healthy state of JavaFX.
  • Frank Delporte (@FrankDelporte) released his first open source library on Maven to display LED numbers using JavaFX.  He also mentioned his book “Getting started with Java on Raspberry Pi” which strongly features JavaFX.
  • Several people referred to the upcoming JFXDays conference in Zurich on December 2-4 which looks really exciting.
  • Dirk Lemmermann (@dlemmermann) tweeted that he has forked the Afterburner.FX project by Adam Bien (@AdamBien) and modularised it for full Java 11 support.  It is available on Bintray and on Maven Central.
  • Chris Bateson (@chrisbateson80) posted an article titled “JavaFX: What Makes it Ideal for Cross-Platform App Development Projects.
  • Olaf Kohlhaas (@OlofKohlhaas) posted an impressive video of his TabScribe app for transcribing music tracks written with JavaFX.

As will always be the case, if I overlooked anyone’s tweets or posts or there’s anything else you think should be included here then please use the Contact page to let me know and I’ll be sure to include them in next week’s blog.


John-Val Rose (@Rosethornian)

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