JavaFX News Update Weekly Dazzle – 2019-10-21

This is the JavaFX news update that covers all blogs, articles, links and activities in JavaFX world for the past week.

Once again there has been a lot of JavaFX related content:

  • Young prodigies Debayan Sutradhar (@ladiesman36069) and Samuel Quinones (@SamuelQuinones1) have created a free alternative to the Elgato Stream Deck (Multipurpose Keyboard) for the Raspberry Pi here and tweeted about it as well.
  • Almas Baimagambetov (@AlmasBaim) has tweeted about an important advance in his awesome FXGL game library. He also posted a video about a very impressive Castlevania themed game developed with FXGL.
  • Personal Growth and Skills (@money_personal) tweeted about three new JavaFX courses namely The Complete Java Developer Course from Scratch, JavaFX – Benutzeroberflächen / GUIs in Java programmieren and Build Outstanding Java Apps with JavaFX much faster
  • JAXenter (@JAXenterCOM) have posted an interesting article about the expectations for Java 14 including JavaFX.
  • Mark Stephens (@) posted an article about using Java 13 features with Java 8 which mentions JavaFX.
  • Pedro Duque Vieira (@P_Duke) has tweeted about a new release candidate of his excellent JMetro library.
  • Gerrit Grunwald (@hansolo_) has released yet another version (11.16) of his versatile TilesFX project here.

I hope you found value in this JavaFX news update for the past week.

As will always be the case, if I overlooked anyone’s tweets or posts or there’s anything else you think should be included here then please use the Contact page to let me know and I’ll be sure to include them in next week’s blog.


John-Val Rose (@Rosethornian)

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