The Future Of The JavaFX Weekly Dazzle

I have enjoyed bringing the JavaFX Weekly Dazzle to my audience but I would like the assistance of anyone who reads this to determine what I should do in the future with this (ideally) weekly series of posts.

The main issue is that while I know the global JavaFX community is not extremely large, I am surprised and somewhat disheartened what the analytics for this series of posts have been telling me.

Basically, each week after posting there are about 40 views on the Dazzle Zone site in total with around 25-30 unique visitors.  This seems rather small and I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t promote the posts effectively or if there simply isn’t much interest in them.

An even more significant observation is that only a small fraction of the visitors actually click on any of the links in the post which basically defeats the purpose of the posts.

It may surprise you just how much effort goes in to collating and curating all JavaFX content for a week, writing the post, checking all the links etc. and I need to know if there is justification for me to continue to do this.

I am more than happy to keep contributing to the world of JavaFX in this small way if there actually is demand for it.  I’ve made no secret of my ongoing health issues so it’s important that I prioritise my time carefully and wisely.

Please respond using the “Leave a Comment” link at the top of this post if you are reading this and then hopefully I will know what’s best to do going forward.


John-Val Rose (@Rosethornian)

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